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soaking pots

I was trying my hardest to find a soaking pot for my pads...
(BTW, I have made the decision, and ordered them, but haven't started yet)
.....and what I decided to use was this cookie jar shaped like a witch that I have.
And then, I tried looking up cookie jars shaped like moons as a symbol of "moontime".

What have you all decided to use? Anything fun?

Lunapads! Lunapads! Lunapads!

I Love Lunapads

Moonwise Women of the Day...

Lunapads are a big part of why I'm a Moonwise Woman. If you don't know what a Lunapad is, it's a reusuable cloth menstrual pad. That's right. Reusuable. You wash them instead of throwing them away. Really. Why would you want to do that? Simple. They are so soft, more comfortable, better for the environment, better for your body, come in fun prints and patterns (and in organic cotton, too) and actually, easy to use. I've been using mine for about five years, and I wish I'd switched earlier.

Switching was actually pretty easy, and since I'm fairly open about my moontime, fielding questions about what's in the pot in the bathroom isn't a big deal. Last year when I had my third baby, I ordered a Lunablanket, some pantyliners and some of their long pads (and extra liners) for postpartum. The blanket was fabulous! I was half expecting my waters to break in bed (they didn't), but I didn't want to worry about if they did. After my postpartum bleeding stopped, I used the blanket for diaper changes, so it's still being used all the time! When my moontime returns, I'm going to indulge in a custom made soaking pot if I can find one. I love my Lunapads, and I'm looking forward to cycling again with the moon.

Fabulous company! Fabulous Moonwise Women! Go check them out!


Welcome! This community is for all women who are in tune with the moon, or would like to be. Honor your cycle, embrace your moontime, follow the moon in her waxing and waning. Do you cycle with the moon? How do you celebrate your moontime? Yes, celebrate! Are you creative? Do you crave chocolate? Is your cycle predictible? There is just so much to discuss! So here is the place to do it.

Daily Moonwise Note: Zena Moon makes this fabulous candle called, Moon Magic. It's just gorgeous in person, and it even contains a moonstone. How's that for appropriate? Plus it smells heavenly. Well, actually it's scented with sage, pine and jasmine. I burn mine whenever I crave a deeper connection with the moon. Check out the website of this fabulous Moonwise Woman!

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